Nakheel Group has been in the business for a past few decades and now is one of the world’s largest real estate developers. Over the period of time, they have developed an iconic portfolio of innovative landmark projects which provide world-class destination for business, living and tourism.

They have four divisions:

  • Hospitality and leisure
  • Nakheel developments
  • Retail corporation
  • Marine

They have a team of well trained employees who work to provide higher living standards for tourists and nationals. They know that here is always room for improvement, so they strive to Bing something new every time you visit them. They know how to attract potential customers. With the aim of providing a relaxing and comfortable environment to people, they are growing each day. They also offer residential, retail and commercial properties in vibrant communities of Dubai. Nakheel Group has built a legacy through innovation and leadership which is inspiring for future generations.

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